RedPill ESP32-S3 – Setup Arduino IDE

Arduino IDE is the default development environment for the Arduino platform.

Setting up the RedPill on Arduino IDE version 2 is quite easy. First of all, we need the ESP boards package. In the Arduino IDE, open Preferences and add the following URL in the Additional boards manager URLs. If you already have other URLs in this field, you can add additional ones comma-separated.

That will install the necessary tools for working with ESP32 boards.

Once installed, in the Tools/Board menu there will be an esp32 entry.

In this list, select RedPill(+) ESP32-S3. That selection works for both RedPill and RedPill+.

After selecting the RedPill, make sure it is connected and select the port.

The port will have a different name depending on your operating system. Check here on how to identify the port.


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